Book Review: Geosynchron – David Louis Edelman

Geosynchron - David Louis Edelman

Geosynchron - David Louis Edelman

First let me say that I love the world and the idea behind the series. I had a great time reading the books and I would have given this a 5 for that. However I also want to give it a 3 for other reasons. So I settled on a 4. I am going to
try to keep major spoilers out of this but there may be a few smaller ones.

My major issue with the series is for things that seemed like they should be linked, but never were. It is Natch’s story but the Surina’s influence
the whole world. Everyone seems to play in the sandbox they made. There are two
parallel stories about Surina technology, Teleportation and ultiReal. Both are similar in the way they could change society and how the government wants to stop them. The novels do a great job illustrating that. Teleportation was neutered before it could be perfected. It is implied that teleportation could be instant, but is now limited to a time intensive process (hours). MultiReal’s fate I won’t get into because of spoilers.

The code for both of these technologies came from the same place, the Surina’s. It is mentioned that the code for Teleportation and MultiReal share/have similar structures. That they “fit” together. It seems obvious that with both technologies one could really move between realities. The human race could truly evolve into a go anywhere/do anything post human existence. The clues in the book make it seem like this was the Surina plan from the beginning.

My problem is that this never happens. None of the characters bring it up as a possibility or solution. They never even see the connection. To me it would have been a great place to take the story. An even more fascinating possibility on top of a the great world we were already given.

So I think it is a great series and a good read but
I am disappointed in where we eventually ended up. Or at least in where we could
have ended up but didn’t. Hopefully a future series in this universe will
explore that more.


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