Book Review: Boneshaker – Cherie Priest

Boneshaker - Cristie Priest

Boneshaker - Cristie Priest

After enjoying Four and Twenty Blackbirds, I’ve been meaning to read more of
Cherie Priest’s work but my reading pile has simply been to large and diverse to
come back. However, when Boneshaker came out, I simply had to get it and bump it
up on top of the pile. I have no regrets doing so.

Determined to clear
his father’s name, Zeke runs away from home and finds a way into the city. His
worried mother soon follows him and the narrative switches back and forth
between them and their desperate struggle to find what they are looking for.
They make friends and enemies alike until they are finally confronted with the
the ruler of the inner city who might hold all the answers…

There have
been few books in recent years that have captivated me as much as Boneshaker, it
is simply unputdownable. The plot chucks along nicely, constantly little bits of
the background are revealed but never too much so the reader is always left
guessing at the truth until it is finally revealed in the end.
The setting
isn’t classic steampunk in that it isn’t Victorian England or the Empire but it
has all the elements. Belching furnaces, wonderful and horrible machines and
gadets made from brass and wood, dirigibles and airships and of course goggles
in all kinds of shapes and sizes, creating an interesting world away from the
stereotype. Also unlike the stereotype it is a dark and depressing world,
everyone is fighting for survival or making ends meet.
Both plot and
characters are very well written and vividly described so it’s easy for the
reader’s mental eye to imagine what’s going on.


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