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Book Review: Thirteen – Richard K. Morgan

The setting of Richard K. Morgan’s latest novel is far into the future, the year 2091 and beyond. Carl Marsalis has been engineered as a “thirteen” by the current government. He is arrested in a police sting and languishes in … Continue reading

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When Time Goes Crazy

We depend on time to be consistent, but its not always so dependable. IN THE MOVIE Star Trek: Generations, Captains Kirk and Picard join forces to fight Dr. Soran, a madman who viewed time as his enemy. Picard, however, came … Continue reading

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The Tunguska Mystery

“I was sitting on the porch of the house at the trading station, looking north. Suddenly, in the north… the sky was split in two, and high above the forest the whole northern part of the sky appeared covered with … Continue reading

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