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5 Monsters You Never Heard Of

From jungle walruses to gigantic worms, these nightmarish creatures are lurking. BIGFOOT, NESSIE, MOTHMAN, even the dinosaur-like mokele-mbembe have become as familiar to us as wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. The difference is that the first group might still be … Continue reading

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Phantom Hitchhikers

Unnerving tales of hitchhikers who vanish into thin air. ONE OF THE most persistent and entertaining types of ghost stories is that of the phantom or vanishing hitchhiker. It’s also one of the most chilling because, if true,it brings ghosts … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fast Forward two – Lou Anders

Lou Anders is a trusted name. Although I can’t recall now why. I think maybe a friend of mine once gave him a ride to a con or something. Which just might trump the time that I helped clean litterboxes … Continue reading

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Amazing Predictions

From “non-psychic” people, both famous and ordinary Nostradamus… Edgar Cayce… Mother Shipton… Jeanne Dixon… we’ve heard time and again of their remarkable prophecies and predictions. Yet prophecies aren’t restricted to the prophets and psychics. Astonishing and eerily accurate predictions have … Continue reading

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