Book Review – Multireal: Jump 225 Trilogy v. 2 – David Louis Edelman


Multireal: Jump 225 Trilogy v. 2 - David Louis Edelman

Multireal: Jump 225 Trilogy v. 2 - David Louis Edelman

‘ve been reading alot over the past couple of months, mostly the books I got as gifts over Christmas. This is the first book I’ve purchased myself. I’ve read V.1 of Multireal and really enjoyed it. The first book is important to read first. This one continues the fragile
position of a powerful, reality-changing new technology, that becomes bound to
the actions of one man. It is interesting and it holds the mind, despite some
difficulties. It is not as cultish as say, Dune, in terms of handling tension.
The business dialogue is ok, but gets a bit Star Treky and protacted as the
driving force. So the personal level is perhaps a bit lacking.

‘freedom of the individual versus the Group’, is a major, worthy theme, and also
the Group exploitation of power over ordinary lives. There are some shades of
grey, certainly worthy of Dune etc.

Where will it all go? I’m
not sure about the 2 volumes so far. It is certainly an interesting and
intelligent saga (at last) exploiting technological developments of today and
their possibilities, and that films like the Matrix only scratch the surface of.

I find the placement of many of the technologies interesting and
plausable, and worthy of stories themselves , but for the main technology that
drives the book, it’s very powerful and quite far-fetched. Would anyone want
that much power, I wonder? What really would happen?…

companies or people ideally would get together and test the thing properly with
extensive Development. It is sad that this cannot happen in this
competition-dominated future!

However, the conclusion of the saga
may decide its fate in more than just story, but whatever happens, these novels
remain vivid, intriguing, post-cyberpunk interpretations of a future.

But will this considered saga conclude with decent power and panache,
and contain a strong message to resonate?


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