The Haunted Tudor House

The haunted Tudor House museum is one of Southampton’s older buildings, dating well back to the 15th Century. History holds credence to it being haunted. Paranormal researcher and investigator Philip Wrenn spent a night there and sent us his report.

The supposedly haunted Tudor House Museum

The supposedly haunted Tudor House Museum

 l Research and Study Organisation spent a night at the Tudor House, well known as one of Southampton’s most haunted and paranormal locations.

The Paranorma

Many staff and customers reported to us that there was a certain room where even dogs refused to enter and another room in which many people, including members of the public, have had experienced paranormal phenomena.


Our team comprised by a group of experts with scientific backgrounds began by performing ‘base line’ tests, this included taking background readings on our PKE meter, Teslascope and EMF. We found no major fluctuations at first.

The green room located on the first floor was the first room we decided to investigate its reported that apparitions had been seen this is also the room where dogs had refused to enter.

Using our PKE meter, it appeared to have uncounted high levels of psychokinetic energy. Members of our team got the ‘instinct’ that we were not wanted in the building and it was at this point that several members saw a dark entity at the other end of the room.

Next we moved to the upper Georgian room, we gathered more high PKE readings and our mythology expert Lewis Kay felt something touch his head. It was also in this room that our EMF reader detected strong magnetic fields. This was the only room that appeared to produce EMF fields.

Another interesting incident during out investigation was when three of us heard what sounded like footsteps on the floor above us. It was then followed by a loud bang. We ascended upstairs to find out the origin. As we searched around the room, suddenly I felt breathing in my ear however no reason could be found for any of these strange events.

While leaving this room, my mobile phone that was in my satchel bag at the time appeared to become super heated. The battery in the back of the phone had corroded away and began to leak. This was not a cheap mobile phone.

We felt that investigation at Tudor House went well and we all felt we’d experienced some unexplainable phenomena. However as this is a scientific investigation, admittedly a majority of these experiences could be explained. We are currently processing our readings that were recorded during this investigation.


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