The Psychic Symphony

ESP… GHOSTS… hauntings… time and reality shifts… reincarnation… precognition and prophecy. They are all facets of what we call paranormal phenomena. And if you are a regular reader of this website, odds are you’re fairly convinced that there’s something to them. There are just too many reports from people who have experienced them to be dismissed or ignored. They a part – although a little-understood part – of our reality.
But what causes them? How do they work? What is the mechanism that allows for the manifestation of a spirit or the ability to correctly predict a future event? Are they all part of the same phenomenon?

No one really knows for certain what the answers to those questions are. But if the sheer number of experiences tells us that they are real, there must be a mechanism that allows them to take place. So perhaps we can consider a theory.

We are all energy

We can begin with the scientific reality that we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything is. Your body, your computer, your desk, the air, the solar system, the universe and everything in it is made up of nothing more than energy that manifests in different forms. Although string theory seems to be losing favor among many scientists, it states, if I understand it correctly, that everything consists of vibrating strings of energy, and it is how these strings vibrate that determines what it is: a hydrogen atom, a hydra, a hydrant or a human.

Let’s consider humans. It is my contention (and I’m sure not mine alone) that each human has her or her own unique vibrational frequency. And I’m not just talking about our physical makeup; more importantly this refers to our consciousness. Each conscious mind has a unique frequency. (This may not be a literal frequency as we understand the frequency of radio waves, for example, but the term can be used as an analog for what our unique signatures are.)

In this “frequency theory,” each of our individual frequencies is part of the great cosmic whole of frequencies. Our individual frequencies all share the same “air space.” In this way, we are all directly connected to the universe and to each other.

Perhaps we can think of it in terms of a great symphony that has a limitless range of notes (or frequencies, since that is what musical notes are). The universe and all it contains is the symphony, and each conscious mind is a unique note in that symphony. In fact, every thing is a unique note in the symphony, but let’s focus on the human experience.

Frequency theory of the paranormal

Now let’s look at how this might explain a host of paranormal phenomena:

Extrasensory perception (ESP). How can some people know what others are thinking? How do we sense someone is staring at us? How can we know the phone is going to ring and who it is calling?… and all of the other mysteries of ESP? Perhaps on those occasions we are able to pick up on the frequencies those people and events are producing. In other words, even though we all possess our own unique frequencies, we may on occasion be able to sense or detect the frequencies of others. Like musical notes, our frequencies are harmonizing with their frequencies on these occasions, if only temporarily. For most people, this happens spontaneously, without our thinking about it – and rarely. It’s not something we can control. (Yet.)

Psychics may be people whose frequencies are able to harmonize more easily or more readily with a wide range of other frequencies. In this way, they can “know” what other conscious minds are experiencing, have experienced in the past and will experience in the future. How can they know the future? Again using our musical analogy, the symphony already exists in its entirely, from beginning to end. The psychic is able to “tune in” to notes that exist further on in the symphony. A psychic investigating a murder case in the past can “see” the notes that were played out in that dramatic section of the score.

This can also explain the well-documented psychic connections between parent and child, and between identical twins. A parent and child each have unique vibrational frequencies, but their frequencies may be similar enough that they are more easily harmonized. Since a child literally is created directly from the energy of the parent, perhaps we can assume that their frequencies are similar, in the same way that their physical traits are similar. This is how it is possible for a parent to know that her child has been injured or in danger, even though they many be many hundreds of miles apart.

We have all heard the case studies of twins who also can remotely sense each others’ physical and emotional experiences. Twins, although unique, may have energy frequencies that are so similar that their consciousness can transcend time and space to sometimes know what the other is feeling or experiencing.

Time and space are irrelevant with regard to these frequencies and their ability to communicate with one another.

Precognition and prophecy. Just as the psychic can sense future notes of the symphony, the prophet or seer is able to tune in to the frequencies of future events. Then why aren’t these prophets always right, clear and accurate? Perhaps because the tuning isn’t perfect; the channel is not crystal clear, and the prophet can only get a sense of what those future events will be… or might be.

Ghosts. Most people believe that our consciousness survives the death of our bodies. Our frequencies – or spirits, who we really are, our personalities – survive physical death. We are much more than our bodies. Our physical makeup on this planet is only a small aspect of the totality of our conscious minds in the universe. In the cosmic symphony, our bodies are only the notations on the paper; our consciousness is the music that transcends those notations. Upon death, the frequency of your consciousness (let’s call it your spirit) separates from the body. In some cases – usually in cases of traumatic or violent death, many ghost researchers agree – the spirit lingers or becomes trapped in the surrounding frequencies of the physical life it once possessed, unable to move on. Perhaps they are unaware that their physical and spiritual aspects have separated. They don’t know they are dead.

In other cases, however, these spirits do know they their consciousness has transcended, and they deliberately return. A grandmother’s spirit materializes to her distraught granddaughter to comfort her and assure her that she is well and happy in another world. It happens all the time. Separated from the body, the spirit is able to shift its frequency to materialize in the physical world for a last goodbye. Likewise, a spirit might also be able to manipulate certain frequencies to leave messages on voice recorders in the form of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Hauntings. Hauntings are different than ghosts. A haunting is like a recording on an environment: the sound of phantom footsteps trodding up and down a stairway, for example. In this case, perhaps it is possible that the stairway (consisting of its own frequencies) is able to absorb, “remember” or harmonize with the frequencies generated by the repeated act of someone’s energy going up and down those stairs. Under certain conditions, that memory is released and we experience it in the form of a haunting.

Divination. The use of various divination tools, such as dowsing rods, crystal balls, even Ouija boards might also be explained. These tools may not have any power in and of themselves, but they allow the user to focus or direct his consciousness to tune in to the frequencies of hidden water, in the case of dowsing rods, of a future event, in the case of a crystal ball, or a message from the spirit world, in the case of a Ouija board. For this reason, I don’t believe there is anything magic about dowsing rods, nor anything inherently evil about a Ouija board. They are tools only of our intentions.

Remote viewing. Remote viewing works in a similar way to ESP. However, unlike a psychic who seems to receive her information passively and spontaneously, the remote viewer aggressively seeks remote information through a set of established protocols. While the psychic is like an open-band receiver, able to pick up frequencies that come to her, the remote viewer focuses her concentration to consciously tune in to the specific energy frequencies of a person, thing or event.

Creative visualization. Many people are convinced that we create our own reality, much of the time unconsciously. Through meditation and other means, however, we can focus our will to consciously make manifest the things we desire. Mediation and the other tools of creative visualization may allow our frequencies to harmonize with the frequencies of the greater universe to produce desired outcomes. In this way, our notes are working within the cosmic symphony to create our own custom musical phrases.

Reincarnation. Many people recall past lives. Are they, in their current incarnations, tuning in to the frequencies of their former incarnations? Are the frequencies of the two incarnations similar enough to allow this recall?

Time and reality shifts. On rare occasions, people have experienced various forms of time or reality shifts. On a road trip, hundreds of miles are covered in an impossibly short time. Tourists come across a shop or even an entire village that, upon return, is found to have existed not in this time, but many years past. Others claim to have stepped into what looked like a future world. Some experience missing time. What is happening here? Again, the cosmic symphony already exists from first stanza to last. In this time and reality, we are only playing out our notes in our particular stanza of the symphony. In some instances, however, the frequencies go out of phase and our notes find themselves harmonizing with the notes in some past or future stanza of the symphony.

Is there proof?

Is there any way to prove this frequency theory? Probably not. Not with our extremely limited knowledge of how human consciousness works. For all our technological advancements in the last few hundred years, we are still primitives when it comes to understanding the human mind and spirit. It’s going to take some kind of revolution – or evolution – of thought to come to grips with it.

I suspect we have only a microscopic inkling of the true nature of consciousness and reality. It may take us many, many generations to explore their vastness. But perhaps by continuing to ponder and probe the phenomena we now call “paranormal,” we have a beginning.


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