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Book Review: The Temporal Void – Peter F. Hamilton

I just finished reading the Temporal Void last night, and I would implore anyone who has a mind for imaginative sprawling space operas to buy this book. It is a wonderful addition to Hamilton’s established Commonwealth series, beginning chronologically with … Continue reading

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Top Paranormal Events of 2008

From ghosts and monsters to psychic phenomena and demonic possession, 2008 was another year with no shortage of paranormal activity and unexplained strangeness. Here is a look back at the news stories that tend to make us wonder just what … Continue reading

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The Psychic Symphony

ESP… GHOSTS… hauntings… time and reality shifts… reincarnation… precognition and prophecy. They are all facets of what we call paranormal phenomena. And if you are a regular reader of this website, odds are you’re fairly convinced that there’s something to … Continue reading

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