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Ghost caught on security camera video

A new video is currently causing a sensation in Australia. A ghostly image was captured by a security video camera in a Sydney office building. The overnight camera switches on when it detects movement. At 11:23 p.m., it switched on, … Continue reading

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Bizarre Slips in Time

WHAT IS TIME? We can measure it and slice it up into millennia or nanoseconds, and we can sense our experience through it. The Encarta encyclopedia can define it as a “conscious experience of duration, the period during which an … Continue reading

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Book review: Future Hope – David Gelber

Time for another book review, this book is by Dr David Gelber, Future Hope is set in the year 2156, and the Earth is getting a overly crowded. However, many social and economic problems have been eradicated, such as illnesses, new problems have taken their … Continue reading

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