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Book Review: The Drowned Life – Jeffrey Ford

The Drowned Life is Jeffrey Ford’s third short story collection and it may be his best yet. The title story that kicks things off is nothing short of a minor miracle, a surrealistic adventure that’s equally heartbreaking, harrowing, and funny. … Continue reading

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The Ouija Debate

THERE‚ÄôS AN ongoing debate about the powers and realities of the Ouija board. Essentially, there are three basic positions: It is inherently dangerous, can open portals to evil entities and should never be used. It is only dangerous if used … Continue reading

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Top 10 Earth Mysteries

From animals encased in stone to unexplained hums to perplexing flying rods The Earth is a mysterious place. There is much going on around us every day that goes unexplained. For all our advanced technology and scientific understanding, there are … Continue reading

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