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What You Need To Know About… Psychometry

The incredible ability to sense an object’s past – through touch What is Psychometry? Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it. Such a person can receive … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Stone Gods – Jeanette Winterson

The Stone Gods is basically three separate end of the world scenarios all involving heroine, Billie Crusoe. The first one, Planet Blue, is about a planet called Orbus where the pollution levels have become so high that human life will … Continue reading

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Unsolved: Flying Humanoids

Monsters and unusual creatures of almost every description have been reported over the centuries. From dinosaur-like animals to fairies to bizarre hodgepodges like the Jersey Devil, there seems to no limit to the variety of unexplained creatures people claim to … Continue reading

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