Book Review: The First Men In The Moon – H G Wells

first men in the moon - h g wells

first men in the moon - h g wells

In wake of my last book review , I’ve decided to make it a
regular occurrence. My most recent read has been by one of my favourite authors
H G Wells. One of his lesser known works, being that of The First Men in the
Moon . his story of mankind’s initial journey to and contact with life on the
moon. Misters Bedford and Cavor travel via a spherical spaceship. Mr. Cavor
designs the ship after discovering an elementary material that shields the
Earth’s gravity therefore providing the propulsion needed to launch the craft.
The journey is difficult as is the lunar landing. The men are amazed at their
enhanced abilities on the moon due to its weakened gravitational pull.

The two men are discovered and captured by Selenites (later
called moonies), large nearly human-sized ants that walk upright on their hind
legs. They are taken below the surface into the subterranean world of the ant
people. The men rebel against their captors and flee to the moon’s surface but
struggle to relocate the hidden sphere. After splitting up, Cavor is captured
and leaves a note telling of his bondage. Bedford returns to Earth with several
mementos of his adventure, two crowbars and a thick chain, all of which are
made out of gold. Bedford is fortunate to land in the sea off the English coast
and finds helpful locals to assist in his rehabilitation. Unfortunately the
sphere is launched by a curious young boy and lost forever in space.

Cavor is able to send messages from the moon to Earth
unaware that Bedford had returned. He describes aspects of the moonies society,
geography and biology. He is able to communicate with the smartest moonie, the
Grand Lunar, but reveals man’s darker warlike tendencies sealing his fate.
Bedford’s dreams of returning to harvest the gold rich planet were dashed as

Already famous for The Time Machine, The Island Of Dr.
Moreau, The Invisible Man, and The War of the Worlds; The First Men in the
Moon, written in 1903, was H.G. Wells’ first science fiction novel of the 20th
century.   He believed that objects in
space would float weightlessly, humans walking on the moon would be able to
cover larger distances in their movements compared to Earth, spaceships
re-entering Earth’s atmosphere would generate tremendous heat and come in at an
angle not straight down. He continuously created characters at odds with one
another’s philosophical beliefs, Cavor the pacifist inspired by science for
man’s benefit; Bedford the practical but belligerent man wanting to exploit
technology for financial gains


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