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Arthur C Clarke 2061 Space Odyssey Series Volume 3

It’s no secret to my friends that I’m an avid reader, especially when it comes to sci-fiction and fantasy. So I thought to spice things up a little, I’d do a book review or two. So my most recent purchase … Continue reading

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New Photo: Choir Boy TV Ghost

Some paranormal researchers believe spirits are more readily seen in reflections. Is that the case here? “This photo was taken of my sister quite a few years ago,” says Saul. “In the television you can see what looks like a … Continue reading

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The Blood-Sucking Creature from Hell

The full moon rose above the mountain in the cloudless night, shining like a pale yellow lantern into the farmer’s bedroom. But that is not what awoke him. It was the chickens. Their panicked cries had awoken him before, and … Continue reading

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